Valuing everyone

BINC Portrait Session Photo: Jack Caffrey

For the first time the Big 4 have joined forces to help tackle the exclusion of disabled people in business. Deloitte, KPMG and PwC have announced that they will join with EY by signing up to The Valuable 500.

The Valuable 500 is a global movement putting disability inclusion on the global business leadership agenda.

The Big 4 all have a history of taking positive action to improve inclusion in the workplace. Deloitte, KPMG and PwC are working with Auticon, to make the most of the cognitive strengths of autistic individuals though targeted hiring. KPMG is also working alongside the Department for Work and Pensions as a Disability Confidence Leader.

Caroline Casey, founder of The Valuable 500, said: “Deloitte UK, EY, KPMG UK and PwC UK, have the national power to make a difference in their sector, and therefore the responsibility to really make a difference. It is fantastic that they are standing up together to speak for those who have been routinely ignored in business and society.”

*Over 1 billion people across the world live with some form of disability – that’s over 1 in 7 (15% of the global population).

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