Virtual reality on the move

Students newly enrolled on LSBF’s online Global MBA, Master in Finance and Investment, Dual Master in Finance and Investments, and Dual Master in Strategic Marketing programme, will now receive a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) headset. The free headset will augment the students’ studies, according to LSBF.

ACCA students who enrol on the MBA/Master top-up programmes are also eligible for the headset.

Currently, the VR set is sent to students pre-installed with a virtual reality public speaking practice session. LSBF said this will be a fully immersive VR experience, making you feel as if you’re standing on stage in a live setting and helping you refine your presentation and speech-making skills. There will even be an automated grading at the end of your performance.

LSBF stressed that it wants to make the most of new technology to help create a fuller educational experience for its students. It sees this move as just the first step to bringing the full capability of virtual reality into your LSBF online classroom. Watch out ACCA PQs!