What the FRC did next!

How will the FRC become the ARGA? Unsurprisingly it’s not going to be that simple! In a recent position paper, the FRC sets out how it will support the government’s reforms as it transitions into the Audit, Reporting & Governance Authority (ARGA).

FRC CEO, Jon Thompson said: “These long-awaited reforms are a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure corporate Britain upholds the highest standards of governance and protects those stakeholders who rely on high-quality reporting.

“While we await Government legislation, the FRC is pressing ahead with those changes to standards and codes which will improve and enhance the UK’s audit and corporate governance framework and to lay the groundwork for the creation of ARGA.”

Check out the position paper at: https://cdn.roxhillmedia.com/production/email/attachment/1050001_1060000/da8ffec6737f2da34e513c2fc0ad414819bd4555.pdf