Where are AATs paid most?

AAT’s looking for top paid jobs need to head for the private sector, but not practice, according to the AAT salary guide.

In a change from previous years the private sector, non-practice,  now comes out on top in terms of the highest average full-time salary by industry sector.

AAT members and fellows are earning on average £37,850 in the private sector (non-practice), and students are earning £26,009. In both cases, these members and students are earning £4,000 a year more than those working in practice.

The average pay for MAATs and FMAATs in the public sector is £37,000, while students are earning £25,000.

This trend continues with the private sector (non-accountancy practices) remaining the top bonus payer. Those in private sector are also much more likely to receive a bonus and be on a bonus scheme compared to other sectors.

To find out more and to use the salary calculator go to: http://tinyurl.com/4y93e8ur