Where are the net zero targets?

Just one in seven organisations around the world have set targets to be net zero compliant by 2050, according to the 3,000 accountants and finance professionals who took part in ACCA’s latest global survey.

And, some three-quarters of those surveyed believe their team should be supporting their organisation tackle climate change, but 54% admit they are being held back because people don’t think climate action is the responsibility of the finance team!

Another worry is just 38% of respondents believe their organisation is willing to invest any more in addressing climate change over the next three to five years.

ACCA CEO Helen Brand OBE, says: “There’s a critical need for leaders, whether in governments, the private or public sectors, to grasp the scale of this challenge and to respond to it. The accountancy profession has a critical role to play in this, both to lead long-term value creation in sustainable economies, and to champion responsible practices for the public good.”