Where’s your licence?

Too many AAT members still seem to be providing self-employment accountancy or related services to the public while not registered or licensed to do so. Many of the same people also don’t appear to understand they have to be registered with a supervisory authority for the purposes of Anti Money Laundering either!

Sam Bhatti is a perfect example. He was recently severely reprimanded for the offence, with the reprimand to remain live on his record for 2 years. There was also a fine of £2,451, and Bhatti was required to obtain a licence within 30 days.

Another is Sarah Hadley, MAAT, who was recently reprimanded, fined £2,119 and warned about her future conduct. She provided self-employment accountancy services for over 7 years without a licence.

Over a third of cases and fines (12 out of 31) are over this issue. You can check out the outcomes of the AAT disciplinary outcomes at: https://www.aat.org.uk/membership/standards-requirements/disciplinary-processes-tribunals/outcomes