You can’t escape the World’s Fastest Accountant!

You can’t seem to get away from Eugene Amo-Dadzie at the moment. He is everywhere on social media, and as he’s one of the fastest sprinters on the planet (9.93 seconds) you can’t outrun him either!

He recently helped Team GB book their spot in the 4×100 m relay at the 2024 Paris Olympics! An ICAEW member, Amo-Dadzie explains he didn’t realise the synergies between elite sport and climbing the corporate ladder. ICAEW are all over him like a rash (and why not!). He was recently the keynote speaker at the New Members’ Ceremony, and he will also be appearing at the ICAEW annual conference.

However, he was late to the world of elite sprinting, and as Amo-Dadzie says: “You don’t need to rush to greatest, greatest takes time.”