Your free Back to Basics video series

PQ magazine’s Back to Basics series is there to provide accountancy students with short, sharp videos on some of the key topics PQs struggle with. Among those recently added is Jo Tuffill’s look at cost behaviours. Her video runs for just 7 and a half minutes and explains exactly what a cost is, looking at both variable and fixed costs.

Don’t forget we also have videos on double-entry bookkeeping, assets, and trial balance.

Here’s the list in full of the videos on offer:

Cost Behaviours, with Jo Tuffill

Double Entry Bookkeeping, with Tom Clendon

Financial Maths for AFM and FM students, with Sunil Bhandari

Trail Balance, with Michele Baker

The Strategic Planning Process, with Sean Purcell

VAT Calculations, with Michele Baker

Assets, with Tom Clendon

Business Valuations, with Sunil Bhandari

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), with Sunil Bhandari