Your free June SBL pre-seen review

PQ magazine has again joined forces with top tutor Sean Purcell to offer you a free review of the June pre-seen. What do you need to know about Praecuro Vet Services Limited?

Sean will be on Zoom at 18.00 (London time) on Wednesday 29 May. To join him go to:

Remember, as the ACCA says the main aim of the pre-seen is to enable you to become familiar with the business activities of the case study organisation and the industry in which it operates before the exam session. It says: “Familiarity with the important contextual information included in the pre-seen will help you to better understand and apply the further information that will be provided in the exhibits in the SBL exam. The pre-seen is designed to provide background and context only and will not signal areas of the syllabus or tasks that will be included in the exam.”

ACCA also tells you what not to do:

  • Avoid extensive additional research into the industry.
  • Avoid speculating on areas of the syllabus that will be examined based on the pre-seen.
  • Avoid using the pre-seen as the main source of material for answering the exam tasks. The exhibits provided on the exam day must be used.
  • Avoid reading the pre-seen for the first time just before the exam session.
  • Avoid spending too much time on the pre-seen at the expense of revising areas of the syllabus and completing practice mock exams.
  • Avoid question tipping and spotting.