A nap with your pet anyone?

Half of all millennials want to regularly take naps during office hours, according to a new survey from Kitt.

Being able to bring your pet to work also appealed to one in five millennials, as both are struggling to be apart!

Other top perks for a third was the idea of an on-site gym, and one in four would welcome a rooftop bar for post-work drinks.

Kitt’s CCO, Lucy Minton, said: “The pandemic has completely transformed what we expect from work, particularly for millennials, and those on the entry end of the jobs market.”

She went on: “With the line between home and the office becoming harder to distinguish, people are looking for a company that provides them with a space that reflects the new ways of working and replicates the various luxuries of their home.”

There appears to be a growing divide among workers too. Some 39% of entry- level staff think casual clothing in the office are a ‘must-have’, however directors said this was an absolute ‘no go’, and just one in four agreeing with the move to relaxed clothing rules.