AAT coronavirus statement

AAT Assessments and Business Continuity planning: “AAT has a fully developed business continuity plan, which has also been reviewed in light of the Covid-19 outbreak. We are acutely aware that the situation is changing on a daily basis and we will continue to monitor this closely.

We are currently planning to continue with the published examination schedule until further notice.  Should this change, we will issue communications as soon as possible to notify training providers.

All of our assessments will continue to be available for the foreseeable future; it will remain the individual training provider’s responsibility to decide if they wish to remain open and continue to let students sit assessments, whilst taking into account central government guidance and direction.

We are closely monitoring developments on a daily basis at Executive level, and should the government decide to close down large numbers of schools and/or colleges, we will then review our synoptic assessment schedule and assess what it would be possible to offer moving forwards. 

However it is impossible to know at the moment if or when that development might occur, so for the time being we will continue as scheduled.

Additionally the national regulators have already contacted Awarding Organisations to request confirmation that business continuity plans are reviewed and up to date in light of the current situation.”