AAT pass rates down

The latest AAT pass rates show that students have really been struggling to pass the Advanced Diploma Synoptic Assessment. The pass rate for July 2021 to June 2022 has slipped to just 51.5%, this compares to a pass rate of 54.6% for the previous year.

The Professional Diploma Synoptic Assessment pass rate has also fallen – from 59.8% to 55.8%.

One professional assessment that continues to be a big challenge for sitters is Management Accounting: Decision and Control. The overall pass rate this time around was 60.8%. Perhaps even more worrying for tutors and students alike will be the sudden slide in the Personal Tax pass rates from over 70% to just 62.3%.

Lots of other pass rates are also down and it means all the overall CBA pass rates are down year-on-year.

When it comes to distinctions, these are still hard to obtain for those completing the Professional Diploma in Accounting. Just 3% of PQs received a distinction, with another 46% of students being awarded a merit, and 52% a pass. By contrast some 21% of those completing the Advanced Diploma in Accounting achieve a distinction and 56% a merit.

Check out all the pass rates in the latest issue: https://issuu.com/pqpublishing/docs/pq_dec22_multi