AAT new qualification launch pushed back seven months

AAT has confirmed that the new launch date for its new qualification – Q2022 – will now be 1 September 2022. AAT told PQ magazine that the new launch date, rescheduled from February 2022, will enable a thorough end-to-end testing of the whole system via a new controlled pilot.

AAT explained that Q2022 assessments are ready to be created in its new assessment platform ATLAS Cloud. However, it feels has not had sufficient time to fully test all required functionality. AAT explained: “This means that it would be very high risk to go live in February 2022 without having had the opportunity to test the complete assessment delivery process.”

AAT stressed that the priority is to ensure that when it releases the new qualification it gets it right and does not disadvantage any students.  AAT told tutors that the qualification content is not being reviewed and that there are no plans for further updates being made to any of the qualification specifications.

Controlled pilots will begin in early 2022, using a limited selection of the new qualification.

AAT director of education and development, Suzie Webb, said: “AAT project teams have been working incredibly hard to develop our new qualifications and assessment platform. Whilst the new qualifications and assessments are now ready to be deployed, we’re extending our testing time to ensure a smooth launch. Our intention is now to run a controlled pilot from early 2022 with selected training providers – using a small selection of the new qualifications – prior to a full launch in September. This is not a decision which we’ve taken lightly and we’re working closely with our different stakeholders to transition to the new date.”


Last registration date for AQ2016 qualifications – 31 August 2022 (was 31 January 2022).

Last assessment date for AQ2016 qualifications – 30 September 2023 (was 30 June 2023).

Last certificate date for AQ2016 – 30 November 2023 (was 31August 2023).