AAT salaries on the rise

The latest AAT salary survey show salaries really are on the up, however the stats also reveal it really does pay to get qualified!

While generally salaries rose 14%, when compared to 2021 (the last survey), the greatest increase from one level to the next is from Level 4 students to MAAT. Here pay increases from £26,000 to £35,000 (a 35% increase). There is also a 26% rise when members move from MAAT to FMAAT, with the average salary for FMAATs coming in at £44,000.
It is hardly surprising then that 83% of members that have completed an AAT qualification agree it has increased their earning potential.

London remains the top paying region in the UK across levels. The average student salary in the UK is now £25,000, up from £22,000 two years ago. In London that student average rises to £28,100. Wales has the lowest student pay, with an average of £23,000, closely followed by the North East with £23,500.

AAT members in London are being paid an average of £41,000.

And, while the study shows male MAATs and FMAATs are paid 9% more than women, female students earn 11% more than their male counterparts! That translates to an average of £26,000 for female students, compared to the £23,500 paid the male students. AAT male members are paid £38,500 on average compared to the £35,000 paid to female members.

AAT CEO Sarah Beale said: “The new Salary Survey is further evidence of the opportunity and progression available through a career in accounting, as well as a clear indictor of the value placed on the role of Accounting Technicians by employers in all sectors. Seeing our students and members reaping the financial rewards of their hard work is testament to the skills our qualifications are providing, and to the hard work of our professionals who continue to exemplify the ambition AAT is all about.”