Gen Z won’t work 10-hour days!

Many employers are finding it challenging to motivate their Gen Z workforce and are adapting their training methods to better meet the needs of their young cohort, according to new research from Grant Thornton.

Over a third of businesses say it is now more difficult to motivate their Gen Z employees, compared to previous generations at the same age (16-25). Consequently, the majority (88%) of employers surveyed are adapting their training methods to help appeal and engage with the newest members of the workforce.

Over a third (36%) of companies have introduced personalised training, specifically tailored to the individual’s needs. Nearly a third (32%) have also moved towards more on demand content and gamification within their training (30%).

Grant Thornton found that 40% of Gen Z workers think working regularly 10-hour days should not be expected. One in three (31%) also believe that being asked to study outside of working hours is unreasonable (but that’s how you gain the accountancy qualification). Over half (51%) of Gen Z’s taking part in the survey said they should not be expected to take on extra responsibility without compensation.