AAT splits ADSY and SPSH

AAT has made a big change to the Level 3 synoptic assessment, AVSY. From September 2021 it will become an assessment in two exams – ADSY and SPSH.

AAT education chief Suzie Webb confirmed that the driver for this was partly due to ‘malpractice’.

She told PQ magazine: “Unfortunately during the last 12 months AAT has seen a spike in malpractice at training providers relating to assessments where students are required to upload materials onto the local pcs.”

Webb explained that there is a clear requirement for this material to be deleted from computers by the invigilator immediately after every assessment sitting. Regrettably it became clear that this has not been happening in all cases. This resulted in a number of incidents of students uploading work from previous sittings.

AAT decided to see if it could redesign the assessment to mitigate this issue.

Webb said that AAT was able to by redesign ADSY to make it available via remote invigilation in the future, providing that “the new assessment performs effectively in it’s first sessions of availability, and that AAT sees clear evidence of demand from providers and students for remote invigilation as a method to take assessments”.