ICAEW Advanced Level exams results are in…

After a nervous wait the ICAEW has released the Advanced Level exam results. These are the ones where many Case Study sitters were only able to complete 85% of the exam!

The overall pass rate for the July Case Study exam was actually 88.2%, that is well up on the 77.6% pass rate last November and the 76.7% pass rate for July 2020.

The Corporate Reporting pass rate was 87.2% this time around, and for Strategic Business Management it was 87.9%.

In all some 5,386 students sat exams in July, with 9,750 exams attempted.

Hazel Garvey, ICAEW MD for E&T said: “Our sincere apologies go out to all students affected by the technical issues during the July Advanced Level exam session. We’ve commissioned an independent review to learn from the issues encountered and mitigate future risks.

“We appreciate the past month has been difficult and stressful for these students at an important stage of their career and so we swiftly put in place measures to ensure that all affected exams were assessed fairly.”