ACCA CBE delays

Some ACCA PQs sitting at the Rowton Hotel in Birmingham were forced to wait for up to 4 hours to sit their AA exams this September. It seems a combination of old computers and poor software meant not all the exam centre sitters could log online at once. In effect it seems some students had to wait for students to finish their exams before they could log on.

Unfortunately, we know of one PQ who had to return to work, so couldn’t wait the four hours. They will now have to wait until December for the resit. Now that is frustrating.

We understand that the AA exams started 30 minutes late at London Metropolitan University.

Here some candidates found their desk ‘occupied’ and were forced to move rooms.

One TX sitter also said her exam was delayed for 2 hours because the screen got stuck. She felt “absolutely exhausted” by the time she sat the test! 

We even heard of someone else who went on a toilet break, only for the invigilator to struggle to unlock the exam again.

There also seem to be problems with some availability of places at some centres. There may, for instance, also be a lack of exam centres in Reading.

Finally, the noise of people smashing into their keyboard, is still a shock to many first-timers. If you are offered ear plugs students are saying take them, because you will need them!

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