ACCA exam feedback – Day One of September sitting

How were AA and AAA exams? Well, not too bad according to the early feedback! Here’s what those sitting the exams thought:


Many sitters thought September’s AA exam was OK. Some of the MCQ were ‘a bit difficult’ and even ‘tricky’, but section B was deemed ‘fine’.

As the exam wasn’t too bad many sitters are now worry that they found the exam too straightforward!

However, one PQ felt that the whole paper ‘horribly imbalanced’. Where they asked were the questions on review and reporting, ethics, and threats? Most of their paper was just substantive procedures, and audit risk. They even could not get away from substantive procedures in the MCQs!

Questions on internal control. audit risk and substantive procedures also came in up in others section B exam.

In the Open Tuition Instant Poll some 67% of sitters said the exam was OK, with 21% finding it hard, and just 7% saying it was a disaster.


Not many complaints for the AAA examiner. The sudden hot weather in the UK and lack of air conditioning at some venues were a shock to some though.

As one sitter said; “Exam was OK. I had group audit for 50 marks, forensic audit for 25 and final accounts sign off (material misstatement) 25 marks.”

Others had due diligence, redundancy, and PPE.

The Open Tuition Instant Poll found this exam was a disaster for 14% of sitters and hard for another 29%. Some 53% said the exam was OK.