ACCA exam feedback – Day Three of September sitting

One good, one bad – that’s performance management for you!


As one September PM sitter said: “Such an unpredictable exam. I feel like ACCA collate all the nasty stuff and put it into one exam.”

Many said they found this a hard one. As another sitter said: “Section C, th first question was hard. Even some of the MCQs were tricky. I feel like all the worse little topics came up.”

A fellow sufferer agreed: “Terrible paper this morning – they picked three of my worst subjects!”

“Awkward’”, “tricky” and “very tough” were also used a lot in Facebook groups

Another hard test too according to the Open Tuition Instant Poll. Some 22% described the September sitting as a disaster, and 43% said they found it hard. Just 32% said the exam was OK.


“Nice, with nothing too nasty,” is how one sitter described APM this time around. Another sitter explained: “I feel quite confident about APM this morning. All the questions were absolutely manageable, nothing too tricky.”

Yet another seemed shocked and simply said: “All OK, can’t complain!”

So, more decent subjects and formulas this time, compared to June.