ACCA exam fees are up between 5% and 7.5%

ACCA has unveiled its exam fee rises for September 2023, and they amount to rises of between 5 – 7.5%.

To justify the rise it points to the increased investment in remote invigilation and the provision of My Exam Performance, along with a new Study Hub. Students should not forget too that in September 2020 ACCA did not increase exam fees that year.

ACCA has different fees according to where you are in the world. The SBL fee for UK students has gone up £18 to £263. SBR also broke the £200 barrier for the first time and will now cost sitters £204 a time!

The SBR exam in India and Sri Lanka will now cost £170 (up £6) and in South Africa it went up £13 to £185.

The Applied Skills paper rates for September 2023 are £154 in the UK and £135 in India. The final option papers are also £204 for UK sitters and £170 for those in Sri Lanka.

One Indian student said they were peeved that ACCA was increasing exam fees by 7.5%. As the SBL exam is no longer a 4-hour exam, they wondered why the fee was still going up, rather than down!

There is a genuine worry that students in countries where there was high inflation and currency depreciation are also struggling to pay the new increase. 

One student said:” It’s way too expensive, I can’t afford to study for professional exams anymore. I’m part qualified but still can’t find a job to afford my studies.”