New CIMA learning tools to help close the skills gap

AICPA & CIMA have launched anew online learning platform to help accounting and finance professionals improve and update their skills, so they can take advantage of a digital accelerating business environment.

According to a 2021 World Economic Forum report, more than half of all employees worldwide will need to reskill or upskill by 2025. To address this need the new system boasts single-platform availability, enhanced navigation and other tools that foster emerging technology-driven skills. It will provide access to the world’s largest accounting association’s learning content, including its portfolio of webcasts, certificates, guides, and other CPE courses as a one-stop shop.

Michael Grant, AICPA & CIMA senior director of Learning Innovation & Assessment, explained: “The reimagining of our learning portfolio represented an opportunity for us to rethink, refresh and transform our approach. “Our new system offers dynamic learning journeys, which will allow accounting and finance professionals to address the skills they need to remain relevant using consistently updated course material.”

AICPA & CIMA’s new learning system includes features such as:

  • A full-featured mobile app for learning on the go.
  • A Learning Library where purchased content is categorized.
  • On-demand learning and webcasts available through a single platform.
  • One-click launch of courses and webcasts.
  • A webcast calendar used to book events quickly and track registrations.
  • More than 50 languages to choose from (for the interface).

Grant added:“Addressing the rapidly growing global skills gap is an ongoing challenge faced by professionals, employers and firms throughout the accounting and finance profession. And attracting and retaining talent is also a top priority,” The profession at large, which has been focused on traditional accounting and finance skills, has found itself needing to complement these with new competencies in emerging fields such as data and digital literacy skills.”