How did day two of the ACCA exams go? Here are some sitters comments, we also have some expert feedback from top tutor Sean Purcell about the SBL exam (see below):


Some PQ felt this exam was very different to past papers. And, PQs found the VAT and CGT hard.

One sitter admitted “I messed up everything”. Another said; “I have never worked so hard at an exam and been so brutally underprepared. I hated the paper.”

Students seem convinced there was an easy bank or questions and a hard one. So, it was either the nice paper with the question about Nieves pr the horrid one with furnished lettings.

The Open Tuition Instant Poll had this one as a ‘disaster’ for 15% of those taking the test this June, and ‘hard’ for another 38%.


June’s exam was described as ‘Okay’ and ‘relatively easy’. Students liked the fact there are three big questions, rather than four. Some felt it made it easier timewise.

In the Open Tuition Instant Poll some 21% said they had a bit of a ‘disaster’ with this one, and another 36% admitted they found it ‘hard’.


Not bad, is how one sitter described June’s SBL exam. They liked the fact that 4 exhibits were linked to 4 separate questions: “So I didn’t have to read them at the beginning”.

A fellow PQ agreed that the topics were ‘OK’. This is backed up by the Open Tuition Instant Poll where out of the 500 respondents,58% said the exam was ‘OK’ and 6% said it was ‘easy’.

Yet another PQ said the written questions were ‘fairly nice’! But the MCQs were harder than the mocks. Many agreed that the MCQs were harder than usual.

We did hear of several students who suffered from technical issues – they ran out of space and were told they could not type any more! The invigilator had never seen anything like it in the seven years they had been doing it. One student admitted they didn’t tell the invigilator.

See what top tutor Sean Purcell (pictured) said about the June SBL exam: