How were the tax papers and SBL on day two of the June exams? Here’s what sitters had to say:

TX: On the Open Tuition Instant Poll some one in five sitters said the June exam was a disaster for them. As one PQ said: “I felt confident going into the exam, but the examiner made it so hard. Really unfair and evil.”

Another said they had gone over the BPP practice kit, but not a single June question looked like them! “So unfair.”

Students found the wording confusing, particularly for the last 15-marker question. As one sitter said: “The 15-marker on corporation tax was rough, I have never seen a question like it and I found the capital allowances difficult. It felt really ambiguous, but hoping I gained some marks on the pro formas!”

SBL: One sitter said the June test was “nothing like past papers”, so they didn’t think it was a fair test. Another agreed: “Tricky paper indeed, nowhere near past ones.”

Yet another sitter explained: “Not a great paper. Not many models that you could have used to format answers, which made it harder to structure answers.” They felt “the markers will have a great laugh correcting the dribble I wrote”.

Some sitters struggled using the exhibits to create enough discussion points too. As one said: “Don’t think I used a lot of the exhibit either, my answers were just pulling from general knowledge and trying to apply them to the scenario.”

ATX: Although there was too little information provided for the requirements, the exam was deemed ‘okay’ and ‘fair’.

If you hadn’t revised for EIS relief you could have lost out, and the split year basis threw some too.

In the Open Tuition Instant Poll 40% agreed the exam was OK with 37% finding it hard and 18% a disaster.