ACCA March exam feedback – the first 3 days…

We are three days into the March exams, so were FR and SBL that easy, and APM and tax papers that much harder? Well, you told us they were. Here’s all the feedback…


March sitters said the exam ranged from ‘OK’ to ‘tricky’ to a ‘disaster’.

One sitter did wondered why there was nothing on divisional performance or transfer pricing.

However, a student who did get the transfer pricing question (remember there are different papers) said they “screwed it up”. Another PQ agreed the section C with transfer pricing and the optional production plan was just “too hard”.

Time pressures were also ever-present, and the longish calculations made it all a bit tight.

There was also criticism of the length of section B questions – for some they felt like section C questions.

In the Open Tuition Instant Poll some 17% of sitters said the exam was a disaster and another 29% found it hard.


“It was tough,” according to one sitter, and another agreed it was all “pretty tough”.

Some sitters questioned whether it was even possible to complete the exam in the allotted three hours: “It was a race against time,” explained one.

In the Open Tuition Instant Poll 41% ticked the hard box after sitting the March exam, and another 15% felt it was a disaster.


Well, here’s an exam that students didn’t hate! In the Open Tuition Instant Poll some 53% of sitters said the exam was OK, 6% said it was easy and just 12% felt it was a disaster. This is a bit of a result, when compared to the polls for the other exams.

That meant one sitter called it ‘normal’ and another said: “I’m not gonna lie, don’t know how this is possible but I found the actual exam itself a bit easier than the two practice versions and easier than the specimen?”

Others left their exam desks thinking it was all suspiciously easy. People were so chilled some said they actually ‘loved’ the interpretation question!


One sitter felt the only normal question was Q1, the rest were a disaster: “How can they give literally three sentences about financial asset and financial liability and require an answer for 10 marks?” The crowd funding and disclosure questions were also given a thumbs down! One sitter agreed: “I didn’t really understand the disclosure question.”

There were a lot of votes in the Open Tuition Instant Poll. Some 37% of sitters felt the March paper was hard, and another 17% felt the exam was a disaster for them.


PQ magazine can’t remember when over 60% of sitters thought an ACCA exam was OK, but that is what SBL sitters told the Open Tuition Instant Poll this time around! Just 9% said the exam was a disaster and 24% said it was hard.

As one sitter explained the questions themselves were not too challenging. For them the problem was time management.

Another sitter said it was a fair paper, and probably the best P-level paper. Yet another predicted they would get 56 marks (seems very precise) and said the exam was ‘alright’.

Check out Sean Purcell’s feedback of the March exam:


It was hard to find anyone who liked the variance question this time around. It was described as ‘horrible’ and ‘really hard’.

One sitter had the questions on e-commerce, benchmarking and cloud computing for Q1, performance pyramid and reward schemes for Q2 and big data and ethics for Q3 and thought it was all pretty easy. Those who got this set of questions though it was more like an SBL exam. -no calculations required in any of the questions.

In the Open Tuition Instant Poll 36% of sitters said the March exam was hard and for 19% it was a disaster


Sitters wondered why such a small amount of the syllabus was tested this time around. It meant many felt that all the nits they had revised just weren’t tested.

Some sitters got the question of calculating salary after expenses, found the car element threw them off. “It was a Hard question,” said one sitter.

In The Open Tuition Instant Poll 19% called this exam a disaster, and another 34% just found it hard.