Paying the motherhood penalty

For every £1 earned by a man in the UK, a woman, on average, earns 90p despite having a similar personal and professional background, according to PwC research.

The latest Women in Work Index found women are still paying for a motherhood penalty and for health-related challenges at older ages (menopause).

And, at the current rate of progress it will take 43 years to close the gender pay gap in the UK.

Ethnicity and gender also play intersecting and often compounding roles in driving inequalities in the workplace, said PwC. It found that Bangladeshi women face the largest pay penalty relative to White men. For every £1 earned by a White man a Bangladeshi women with similar personal and work-related characteristics earns 7p5 on average.

The authors estimated that if women in the UK no longer faced a gender pay penalty, the potential increase in women’s earnings could be up to £55 billion per year.

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