ACCA puts Global Ethics Day on the map in style

Yesterday was Global Ethics Day 2020, and we were worried you might have ‘missed it’.

To celebrate ACCA organised numerous events, including a virtual Ethics Film Festival in Singapore and Hong Kong. On the film list was ‘Troubled Water’ and ‘The Bleeding Edge’. You can catch them on Netflix. We will be reviewing them in the next issue of PQ magazine.

ACCA also ran a webinar called ‘Big Conversations: Ethics and Sustainability’, which asked what role accountants have in creating more ethical and sustainable world.

However, PQ magazine really loved the spoken word performance by Sugar J Poet best of all. Here’s what he said…

Rudder, by Sugar J Poet

Shakespeare said all the world’s a stage

but let’s image it is a ship

There’s a mast and sails and hull and deck.

Now which part are you?

Where’s accountancy?

What’s the purpose of this profession

as we sail through wind and waves?

Is profit the only measure of success

or does sustainability matter too?

Is your profession a cornerstone of society

or somewhere off in the corner?

What can you do?

The weather is changing.

Who will decide what the future holds?

Everyone sees the mast and sails no one sees the rudder.

Yet a rudderless ship cannot direct itself.

Fairness to people and planet. Expertise and integrity,

balance is needed to keep business afloat.

So what’s your role?

What does accountancy do?

What’s the purpose of your profession

with everything that’s happening around you?

You can watch to his performance at: