ACCA September exams – day four feedback

Day four of the ACCA September exams and it appears no-one like the SBR exam.

The latest Open Tuition Poll has 40% calling this SBR exam ‘hard’, and over 23% felt it was a ‘disaster’. Students told us the exam was “hard – really tough”, “very hard indeed” and “strange”.

Many said it felt like every tiny bit of the syllabus came up. One Sitter explained: “I had a few weird, niche topics.” Another said: “It was horrific, I put in more hours than any other exam and it didn’t pay off. I couldn’t get my head around a lot of it…” Students also felt a lot of the key elements of the syllabus aren’t being examined. “Q4 had three separate questions of APM – they really have to broaden the questions to cover more of the syllabus areas.”

A few sitters were also upset with themselves that they hadn’t done enough revision on sustainability.

Time management was another problem. Lots of sitters mentioned they had no time to go back over their answers, which is always a worry.

FR wasn’t liked much either! Many felt the exam was nothing like the mocks and past papers. The questions were also deemed ‘so technical’. “Jeezz only a few easy questions,” said one PQ.

It all seemed about the luck of the draw, question-wise. Some sitters got hardly anything on consolidations while other said 60% of the exam was on that topic.

The tax question threw many. “Remind me what exam this is again?” asked a PQ. Another felt it was maybe just a sign they needed to do tax next!