How were the ACCA September PM and APM exams this time around? Here’s what you told us:


Have you ever seen a proforma in a 20-mark question in the PM exam? Well, you have now!

One sitter said: “Very surprised not to see questions for ROI/RI, TPAR, learning rate, and maximin. Unfortunately, I did a lot of revision for these areas. Found the material price/usage variance questions overloaded with information and throwing curveballs, which caught me out.”

Remembering questions are different for sitters economy, effectiveness and efficiency and optimal price came up for many in section C.

Open Tuition instant poll: 2% ‘easy’, 54% ‘OK’, 32% ‘hard’, and 12% ‘disaster’.


A tricky one time time around for some, with one in seven sitters saying it was a disaster for them (see Open Tuition poll below).

However, one sitter said they weren’t expecting MIRR but overall is seemed OK. Another felt the exam wasn’t bad other than the VBM question; “I don’t know whether I have passed – my last exam so just want it out the way now!”

There was also a worry that one Q1 variant only totalled 40 marks, and it did not state what the 10 professional marks were being given for. People were after more guidance.

Open Tuition instant poll: 3% ‘easy’, 42% ‘OK’, 40% ‘hard’, and 15% ‘disaster’.