AVSY pass rates ‘stay low’ for AAT sitters

AAT PQs seem to be struggling to pass the Advanced Diploma Synoptic Assessment, and the pass rate is now hovering just above 50% at 53.3%.

The newly complied worldwide pass rates show students sitting the Introduction to Business and Company Law at Foundation also seem to struggle – with a pass rate here of 57.8%. Then there’s FSLC, which has a 65% success rate.

Check out all the latest pass rates on page 31 in the latest issue: https://issuu.com/pqpublishing/docs/pq_0821

The rest of the assessment pass rates range from 71% to 97.9% (that’s BPLS).

That all translates into a CBA pass rate for Professional of 68.8% and for Advanced it’s 75%. Both of these stats are actually up on the previous overall pass rate figures.

When it comes to getting a distinction just 3% were handed out to those who are awarded the Professional Diploma in Accounting, and the number of distinctions given out for the Foundation in Accounting and Business has fallen to 16% (it was 19%). Meanwhile, the number of distinctions awarded for the Foundation Certificate in Accounting rose to just under 50% (49%).