Back to Basics – check out our video series…

PQ magazine has joined forces with some of the country’s top tutors to produce its Back to Basic video series. The aim of the series is to provide short, sharp video of key topics that student ‘must know’!

Training Link’s Michelle Baker has provided two videos for the series – one on creating the trial balance and another on VAT calculations. Baker explains in her 6-minute trial balance video that before you complete one you need to understand why you are doing it and what is its purpose. She shows you how to complete the balance from a list of balances and how you determine which balance is a debit and which is a credit. She then looks at completing a trial balance from a set of accounts. Over 500 people have tuned in already to this one.

We also have videos on double-entry bookkeeping, assets, and financial maths.

Here’s the list in full of the videos on offer:

Double Entry Bookkeeping, with Tom Clendon

Financial Maths for AFM and FM students, with Sunil Bhandari

Trail Balance, with Michele Baker

The Strategic Planning Process, with Sean Purcell

VAT Calculations by Michele Baker

Assets, with Tom Clendon

Business Valuations, with Sunil Bhandari

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), with Sunil Bhandari