‘Study drugs’ now rife on campus

The use of performance enhancing ‘study drugs’ has become routine at leading British universities, according to an investigation by the Times newspaper.

It was told by students and recent graduates from Oxford, Edinburgh, Nottingham and LSE that pills to help prepare for exams and hit essay deadlines were available for £2 a pop.

University UK is planning its own study of drug use on campuses, and study enhancers will be included.

The Times said that currently no university in Britain  explicitly bans cognition enhancers, although Edinburgh explained that the consumption and sale of such drugs breached its code of student conduct. Its students are not allowed to use any ‘unfair means’ in assessments.

A survey conducted in 2020 found that one in five (19%) of students had used cognition enhancers. One of the drugs of choice is Modafinil, which has never been tested for the effects of long-term use on healthy people, stressed the Times.