CIMA pass rates dip

A massive dip in the CIMA operation case study pass rates, just before the introduction of the new syllabus, is the big news from the latest set of CIMA results.

Just 46% of August case study sitters managed a pass, compared to 60% in November 2018. So, what was the reason for the slump? Were August students a ‘poor set of candidates’ (that has been said to us before), were they poorly taught, or were the scenarios unfair? Well, the results issued on the website provide no indication for the slump…

Meanwhile, the management and strategic case study pass rates looked healthy at 64%. But, again both pass rates were down on the May 2019 case study results.

Meanwhile, the pass rate for first time E1 sitters also dipped. In June 2018 the first time pass rate was 81%. Current pass rates are 78%.

More worryingly are the P1 pass rates. The overall pass rate has dropped from 71% the to 65% this time around. The overall exam pass rate for P1 was just 47%, down from that last set of stats.

Students are now asking why there are such massive differences in the pass rates at each level. One PQ asked us: “How can there be pass rates of 78% and 50% at the first OT level?” Other readers are just confused about the results. One PQ said: “Can someone explain how the exam pass rate for P1 can be 47%, the overall exam rate be 65%, and the first time pass rate be 50%…? Is it me or are CIMA trying to confuse me?”

CIMA August 2019 pass rates: Operational 46%; Management 64%; Strategic 64%.

Can anyone tell us what happened with the operational case study – that’s a big drop. Email

CIMA overall exam pass rates: E1 85%; P1 65%; F1 83%; E2 95%; P2 71%; F2 73%; E3 84%; P3 76%; F3 77%

CIMA first time pass rate: E1 78%; P1 50%; F1 76%; E2 88%; P2 54%; F2 54%; E3 74%; P3 59%; F3 60%

CIMA exam pass rates: E1 76%; P1 47%; F1 73%: E2  87%; P2 49%; F2 51%; E3 71%; P3 54%; F3 55%