Class issue won’t go away

Twp pit pf every three accountants believe class is an issue when it comes to securing a new job, says new research from CV-Library.

On top of this, one in three (29.3%) admit that they have felt discriminated against because of their class during their job search.

Asked about the areas they felt discriminated against most during their job hunt 83.3% cited the school or university they attended.

A staggering 80% of financial professionals also think employers are biased during the job application process and interviews.

When asked about the areas they make pre-judgements about during the hiring process accountancy employers admit they do consider the way people speak (79%), where the candidate is from (42%), and the school or university they attended (36%).

Accountants believe the time is right for legislation, with 68% saying measures should be taken to tackle class discrimination.

Employers were more reserved, with 55% believing this is the way to go.

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