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Controversy over rejig of Examiner Reports

Controversy over rejig of Examiner Reports

December 2020

ACCA has decided from the September 2020 exams, the Examiner Reports will coincide with the composite exam papers produced twice a year.

That means going forward there will be no Examiner Reports following the September or March sittings – so you can stop looking now!

The examiners, for example, currently put together the composite paper following the March and June exams, picking up on the question’s students struggled with over the two sittings.

ACCA told PQ magazine: “The decision was made in response to feedback received from future members, tutors, and learning providers, who all use the Examiners’ Reports.

By changing the timing of the reports to match when the exam is published means the examiner can explicitly talk about the questions that have been published, and give advice on how to answer the question, while also commenting on common pitfalls experienced by candidates.”

This, felt the ACCA, will improve the quality of the report and creates a better learning support for users.

However, one top tutor PQ magazine spoke to felt with the changeover to CBEs still a recent thing and different sessions running in the mornings and afternoons in some cases, real feedback about September’s exams would only help improve pass rates.


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