Coronavirus: training contracts extended

August 2020

One side-effect of the pandemic for ICAS and ICAEW students is the extension of their training contracts.

ICAS PQs have been given a gap or absence of one month without affecting the training contract length (typically three years). In normal circumstances, periods greater than one month lead to the contract being extended.

ICAS is extending this gap/ absence period to three months without the training contract length being extended for students who are put on a furlough scheme.

Although the Chancellor extended the furlough scheme on 12 May 2020, ICAS will not be increasing the permitted leave of absence beyond three months. Consequently, any student who continues to be furloughed beyond three months will have their training contract extended.

An ICAEW spokesperson said staff can be furloughed for up to 12 weeks without impacting their training agreement. They are able to undertake tuition and sit exams during this period.

ICAEW has also temporarily suspended the ACA assessment requirement that requires all other ACA exams to have been passed or attempted before the case study can be taken.