Does ACCA need to sort out its calculator rules?

Calculators became a big issue for ACCA March RI sitters at the start of exam week. Social media was awash with pictures of calculators, as students tried to discover if they had an approved one. This was because when some students were asked to show their calculator, the invigilator told some scientific calculators were “not allowed”. However, students who held their nerve and simply wrote back in the chatroom that it did not store texts and that they had always used it for their ACCA exams”, were then generally told “Okay”.

Unfortunately, not everyone was a brave to front it out with the invigilator, and one PQ admitted she put her calculator on the sofa behind her and used the screen calculator instead.

Students felt ACCA really need to brief the invigilators properly: “It’s really unfair to be worried about your calculator just as your exam is starting.” Another suggested: “This is clearly a miscommunication between OneVue and ACCA.”