Even investors want clearer reporting

Companies are falling short of investors’ expectations for clearer reporting on climate crisis issues, according to a new report ‘Climate-related corporate reporting’ from the FRC Financial Reporting Lab.

So, what do investors want? Well, they outlined that they would like companies to articulate:

*How boards consider and assess the topic of climate change.

*Whether, and how, the business model may be affected by climate change, whether it remains sustainable, and how the company may respond to the challenges posed.

*What the opportunities and risks are, including the prioritisation of risks and their likelihood and impact. 

*What changes the company might need to make to strategy to capitalise on a changing climate and related opportunities.

*What scenarios might affect the company’s sustainability and viability.

*How the impact is measured and how the company measures climate-related challenges and the success of its strategy through strategically aligned, reliable, transparent metrics and financially-related information.

FRC’s CEO Jon Thompson said: “As societal and investor expectations evolve, alongside the regulatory environment, it is clear companies need to rapidly increase their transparency and improve their reporting to meet this demand.”

Go to: https://www.frc.org.uk/getattachment/85121f9f-15ab-4606-98a0-7d0d3e3df282/FRC-Lab-Climate-Change-Final.pdf