EY joins Black British Network

March 2021

EY has announced its support of the Black British Network. Founded by Cephas Williams, the network works closely with UK business to help bring lasting systemic change for the Black community.

As a founding member, EY will join and support the Black British Network in a number of round-table conversations this year. It will be a forum for ocmanies to compare their experiences, share insights into what has worked and what hasn’t, and to walk away with tangible actions to help change collective thinking, behaviour, processes and understanding of the issues faced by the Black community.

The creation of the British Black Network follows Cephas Williams’ letter to his son, Zion. In the open letter he writes to his new born son after the killing of George Floyd in the US and how he envisions a better future for him and the Black community. Hywell Ball, has signed the letter on behalf of EY to show the firm’s support and commitment to advancing racial equality.