How to revise in 30 days

April 2021

Helen Pretty shows you how to get the revision phase right.

Revision is about smart practice. Doing the right thing at the right time. When I say smart, I mean feeling aligned, prepared and empowered.

You know that feeling of when you’re so smart (and smug) and having those lightbulb moments #pingpingping.

When you have the confidence and self-belief in your ability to recall that formula or to sit a mock to time or achieve your weekly plan.

The confidence you bring to your revision phase is what will give you that exam pass!
Confidence in your exam technique.

Confidence in your preparation.

And, most importantly, confidence in your exam journey.

Do you have to revise the same way as Sue Smith or Joe Bloggs? No – of course not.

You don’t even need to revise the way your tutor or I tell you to! #shock.

I am here today as your coach to tell you – ask you – to flex both muscles, your knowledge muscle and your confidence muscle.

For knowledge + confidence = success!

When you focus on both muscles you will feel strong, empowered and happy. That’s my secret coaching formula, too!

As a qualified accountant, I started coaching qualifying accountants (just like you), giving structured, motivating exam advice (that the tutors don’t tell you!).

I coach ACCA and CIMA students to pass their exams with confidence.

Knowledge vs confidence

As a PQ your knowledge is the syllabus – the subtopics, the key formulas and knowing how to recall them in order to answer real exam questions on them.

Remember, ACCA is testing you on how to re-engineer the subtopic, not how to regurgitate the study text.

Of course, you won’t pass an ACCA exam if you don’t know the right knowledge. But trust me, you absolutely will not pass these exams if you don’t believe you can.

Confidence (and self-belief) is all about how you feel about your revision. Flex the confidence muscle, every single day, especially in your revision phase. So that you boost your motivation and prepare smartly.

I am here to coach you through how to revise smartly in 30 days.

Obviously, I know you want some practical tips and tactics (yes, these are below). But I would encourage you to embrace the confidence you need from revision first.

Okay? Give me a #YesHelen!

Climb every mountain

I love an analogy. My favourite is a mountain climb. Imagine being stood at the bottom of a beautiful mountain, looking up and preparing to climb. If you’re in flip flops then the climb is going to be hard. If you have the right boots, your anorak and a map then you will be in a great position to climb with confidence.

You get where I’m going here… your revision journey is a classic mountain climb. When you have the right preparation, your climb is lighter, easier and more fun.

Your journey up the ‘revision mountain’ could be full of trips and stress if you don’t plan the route properly (i.e. – use a revision plan). And if you’re trying to run up the mountain (aka cram with one week to exam day) then you are going to trip, crash and burn.

A smart accountant will plan and prepare a smart route up their mountain, to increase motivation, boost confidence and take consistently strong steps up (one step up at a time please guys!).

I’ve talked you through some confidence tricks you need in order to revise successfully in 30 days. Now here you go with some juicy tactics that you need:

1: Write a plan – and stick to it.

2: Always focus on small, bite-sized revision slots.

3: Like-for-like exam condition practice is your best friend.

4: Put the study text away.

5: Repeat after me, every day: “I am a smart accountant because I love revision.”

This article is about how to revise in 30 days.

Here is your reminder with how and what to do: flex both muscles every single day.

Work out, strengthen and powerup your knowledge and your confidence muscles. That’s what will give you the biggest transformation to your successful ACCA exam.

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Helen Pretty is an Accounting Revision Coach.

She coaches qualifying accountants to successfully pass their exams… with confidence! Email her on