ICAEW latest Professional Level exam results are here…

ICAEW Professional Level PQs sitting the Business Strategy & Technology paper for the first time managed a whopping 91.5% pass rate in December.

Other pass rates weren’t quite as high, but the pass rate for first time sitters of the Financial Management exam was a healthy 86.3%.

The analysis of results shows that 66.2% of candidates who sat three papers in December passed them all.

The vast majority of December sitters opted to sit either just one or two papers at the sitting. For those sitting one paper the pass rate was 73.4% – leaving 813 PQs who sat one paper with no pass to show for their effort.

In all some 6,692 students sat the December 2020 session, with 11,057 exams attempted. A total of 4,733 candidates passed all the exams they took.

ICAEW December 2020 Professional Level results: AA 75.2%; FAR (UKGAAP) 75.5%; FAR (IFRS) 73.7%; TC 74.4%;Business Planning: Banking 65.4%; Business Planning: Insurance 81.6%; Business Planning: Taxation 73%; BST 89.6%; FM 84.2%