ICB comes in first

ICB became the first accountancy body to successfully offer all its exams in a home setting during the pandemic.

With the help of a new tech partner ICB exams now provide remote invigilation via  ‘virtual’ eyes and ears in the room. Candidates use their own PC or laptop (with webcam and microphone) and their smartphone or tablet which, with an app downloaded, will be a synchronised CCTV, monitoring the room in which the exam is being attempted.

ICB’s exam chief, Peter Stewart explained that there is full flexibility to take the exam whenever suits the candidate best: “ICB exams are available weekdays or evenings, morning, noon and night.” He stressed there is now no need to worry about availability at your preferred centre – you are the boss!

Candidates do, however need to ensure they can guarantee a space where there will be no interruptions for the duration of the exams and their internet connection will be stable for the same duration.

ICB’s first students went through their final M8 exam on 22 April, to qualify as professional bookkeepers, and the reports are things are ‘running smoothly’. Stewart was obviously ‘delighted’.

Check out the ICB’s qualifications at: https://www.bookkeepers.org.uk/Study–Qualifications