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Irish chartered exams ‘abandoned’

Irish chartered exams ‘abandoned’

The massive fallout from the Chartered Accountants of Ireland ‘botched AAFRP exam’ on Saturday 24 April, went to a new level when RTE’s Joe Duffy took up the case on his ‘Talk to Joe’ radio show.

Duffy was concerned that many students seemed afraid to initially come forward as they were worried that by doing so, they might not be able to become a chartered accountant. “There better not be any blowback for anyone who went public day,” he warned. Duffy also pointed out that the latest ‘issue’ was not an unprecedented incident – as put forward in an official statement.

The AAFRP exam represents 15% of the final CA Ireland exam, with the other 85% tested in August.

However, following huge technical problems CA Ireland decided to scrap the whole AAFRP exam, and has said the August exam will now represent 100% of the final test. No resit was available.

Over 1,000 students were affected by problems with the server and the copy and paste functions, and many who finished told Duffy they wanted to know why their paper was not being marked.

This isn’t a one-off either, as students revealed there were glitches throughout 2020. “There were numerous issues last year,” explained a student to Duffy.

Another PQs mother called in and wanted to know why CA Ireland were not being held accountable for the problems.

To listen to whole ‘Talk to Joe’ show: https://www.rte.ie/radio1/liveline/programmes/2021/0427/1212409-liveline-tuesday-27-april-2021/.


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