New career zones for Gen Z

A new ground-breaking report into Generation Z from ACCA and IFAC sees five exciting ‘career zones’ for accountants in the future.

As careers become more diverse, the report says: “Working lives will be ‘reimagined’ as technology blurs the work divide between human and machines.”

So, what are the five zones? They are the assurance advocate; data navigator; business transformer; digital playmaker; and sustainability trailblazer.

The report found Gen Z see accountancy as a gateway to a good career with a positive image. Long-term career prospects and the opportunity to acquire a professional qualification are the top attractions.

Perhaps unsurprisingly financial reward is high on Gen Z’s priority list, with 39% identifying high levels of renumeration as a key attraction factor. Some 81% say their peer group value higher pay and a prestigious job title.

So, what keeps Gen Z awake at night? Well top of the list (58%) was the lack of job opportunities and job security. Next up was personal wellbeing and mental health, with 51% citing this as a worry. For more see page 19 in the June issue, or you can read the full report at: file:///C:/Users/graha/Downloads/PI-GEN%20Z-GROUNDBREAKERS%20(1).pdf