Is accountancy fair?

Fairness and gender inequality in the accounting profession is the topic of new research by Professor Kathryn Haynes, from Northumbria’s Newcastle Business School. Funded by the Leverhulme Trust she will be building on her existing research in the field of gender and accounting.

Professor Haynes’ research, entitled: Contemporary Feminisms and their Emancipatory Implications for Accounting, will explore systematic inequalities, both in the accounting profession and in accounting practice itself.

She said: “I hope to generate findings that will be both definitive and impactful in the accounting field and of interest to other disciplines. What we choose to measure or not to measure, such as a person’s labour and other ways they contribute to society, can leave many feeling undervalued – and often underpaid. It is a global issue for the accounting profession and resonates particularly with feminist theories. I am keen to help address these issues in any way I can through my research.”