Just £6,000 will get you CIMA qualified

How much will it cost you to study and qualify with CIMA over three years? Well, CIMA has worked it out for you, and if you have no exemptions and sit and pass each exam on the first attempt, then a Tier 1 student would pay just over £6,000. CIMA has a three-tier system for exam fees. Tier 1 countries includes students in China, Cyprus, Singapore, UK, and Ireland.

The 2022 cost of registration, annual subscriptions, and exam fees come in at £2,410. CIMA then adds the cost of CIMAstudy Prime modules, CIMAstudy Case Study modules and CIMA study texts. These all come to £3,699. And, if you add these together then you pay £6,109. And remember there is no charge for exemption fees, so this cost could come down if you have some!

For Tier 2 students the total cost of qualifying falls below £6,000 to £5,980. Tier 2 eligible countries include Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

For Tier 3 students the costs come down again.

Some CIMA fees are going up in 2022. The registration fees has jumped from £77 in 2021 to £85 for 2022. However, the annual subscription rate remains the same. The cost of sitting the professional exams will also go up between £5 and £14 per paper. You can check out all the new costs at: https://www.cimaglobal.com/Starting-CIMA/Starting-CIMA/Fees-2022/