ACCA remodels exam entry model for summer 2022

ACCA is making changes to simplify its exam entry model, which will come into effect from the June 2022 exam session onwards.

Following a review of how students and partners use the existing model the changes are designed to make it easier for students to do business with ACCA.

From June 2022 the exam entry window will be opened for 3 months (it was 7 months). ACCA will only have one exam session open at any one time, instead of two. And, the early exam entry period is going. There will only be standard and late entry from the June sitting onwards.

So, that means for the June 2022 exams the standard entry period will begin on 8 February 2022 and close on the 2 May 2022. Late entry will open on 3 May 2022 and close on 9 May 2022.

Exam entries can still be amended/cancelled up until the standard entry closing date, and students can still book up to four sittings per session and up to a maximum of eight exams per calendar year.