Marmite a cure for stress – really?

Love it or hate it, Marmite really could help you keep calm and help you fight stress. The only issue is how much you might need to eat of the stuff!

The latest scientific research says Marmite can help to reduce anxiety by interfering with the brain’s chemistry.

It’s the B6 vitamins, which help to give the spread its unique taste, that help rebalance the brain.

Trials by Reading University showed those who took a B6 supplement reported significant reductions in depression and anxiety.

Scientist have admitted that even if you lap up the Marmite you will still need to take supplements. Lead author of the study, David Field, also said tuna, chick peas and many fruits and vegetables also contain B6.

Marmite loves should also know that it actually contains more B12 than B6! It also has high levels of niacin, which helps the digestive system, and thiamine which helps boost brain health. We may all need to start loving it!