Meet Health and Wellness Coach, Simone Gilbert

Hi! I’m Simone Gilbert, a passionate Health and Wellness Coach. I am so thrilled that ICB has asked me to get involved with its wellness agenda to support the ‘whole bookkeeper’. I’ll be contributing to the newsletter and hosting a Wellness Workshop at the Bookkeepers Summit.

Are you familiar with the title Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a wellness professional trained to partner with people who are seeking to improve their health and wellness. We cut through the confusing clutter of contradictory ‘health information’ and the ‘one size fits all’ mentality to help our clients create their own Lifestyle-Prescription that is exactly suited to their needs. A Health Coach will support, educate & motivate you to find simple ways to real and better health, break through resistance and overcome self-sabotage.

Are you struggling with niggling issues but ploughing on regardless…? Are you missing sensible explanations or answers to questions about your health concerns?

For years that was me. Like most of us I juggle many roles: As well as being a Health Coach, business owner and Director of the UK Health Coaches Association, I’m a Mum and a Wife. I have to pay attention to the fundamentals to ensure I am physically and mentally capable of not just managing everything on my plate but enjoying it too.

I have an Economics degree and spent 20-years in the cut-throat corporate world working at IBM amongst other international companies. I understand first-hand how the pressure of that world comes at a cost if not carefully managed. A series of stressful life events and a slew of medical misdiagnoses left me depleted and very sick. On top of that, my daughter suffered with eczema, asthma and later debilitating gut issues. We were both unbelievably unwell. Conventional medicine (“take the medication and get used to it”) was not helping.

One question changed my life.

Speaking with a GP I asked about my daughter’s illness; “What causes it?”. Little did I know that such a seemingly innocuous question would have such a profound impact on my life – it changed the trajectory of my whole world. What was causing my baby’s asthma and eczema? (never mind my own crippling pain from what was later diagnosed as endometriosis) The Doctor dismissed me with a flashy wave of the hand saying simply, “It’s environmental, give her the drugs and get used to it”. * cue look of shock and horror! *

No. No, that wasn’t going to work for me and so my interest in health became an obsession.  I had to find another way to get us both better.

With research that took me away from the conventional world, I dived into holistic i.e., natural nutrition and lifestyle-based remedies and healing options. The veil was lifted and I can honestly say initially I was horrified and saddened beyond belief. There is so much we are not being told about our options and the possibility of our health being restored. We do not have to “get used” to any illness. We have so much power over our health and wellbeing.

Fast forward many years, official study and qualifications, an international move, many healthy and happy clients and despite the scars from our illnesses taking time to heal, both my daughter and I are both SO much better. I am strong, fit and no longer in excruciating pain (though sadly and unnecessarily missing my “plumbing”). My gorgeous girl doesn’t have asthma or eczema and has very few gut issues. I got us both well without drugs.

Now, I’m a Health Coach and Confidence Creator.

Now I help people get control over their wellbeing, which brings calm confidence back into their life.

Now, my focus is working with busy and stressed professionals and entrepreneurs (mostly women) – and often their children – who are sick of feeling confused and overwhelmed by health issues that include IBS and gut issues, skin problems, allergies, endometriosis and the like. They are juggling and struggling and their confidence is being eroded. They’re “fine” … When they work with me, they get a better idea of what’s causing their issues and reconnect deeply with and re-prioritise their own needs. They find their path of least resistance to reclaiming their well-being, energy, vitality and optimism … They replace overwhelm and confusion with calm control and confidence and transform their fine into fabulous!


As a Health Coach, I work with the tenant of bio-individuality; each of us is unique with our own set of whole-health requirements, despite the conventional “one-size-fits-all” approach. My role now is to help people understand their own health blocks and requirements, create a plan to reclaim health that works for them by tweaking daily decisions and support a re-balancing and re-alignment of the “whole”.

I show people how to make informed decisions for them, that create new habits and new health. Changing habits will change your life.

I am beyond excited and honoured to be ICB’s resident wellness advocate. You’ll see articles from me in each newsletter and I plan to cover topics from nutrition, like ‘eating for energy’ and ‘food and mood’, how to get a great night’s sleep, 30 minutes that can change your day and so much more. I’ll be supplying tips, tricks and strategies that bust myths, debunk falsehoods and give you the low down on the simplest ways to access clarity, calm control and confidence. I want to show you simple ways to get you looking and feeling Fabulous. For real!

My question today, is “how can I help?” Please look out for my October article which will include a short wellness quiz I’d love you to complete so I can get a clearer understanding of what I can help you with.

I’d very much love to show you how to make Real Health, Simple.


You can hear from Simone at the Bookkeepers Summit in November by booking your tickets here.