Moving to a digital audit world

Aston University has begun a management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP) with accountants Beever and Struthers, to help drive the firm’s digital transformation.

As part of the mKTP, led by Aston University in collaboration with Professor Brian Nicholson and Dr Sung Hwan Chai (Alliance Manchester Business School), Dr George Moyenda Salijeni (Aston Business School) and the team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of Beever and Struthers’ existing data systems. Following the assessment, specific methodologies will be proposed to ensure alignment between the mKTP and the firm’s ongoing data systems.

The 30-month programme will aim to develop, embed and exploit smart data driven technologies within the audit function, enabling the business to increase the quality, productivity and capacity to deliver additional insight and value to clients.

Dr George Salijeni, a lecturer in accounting at Aston Business School, said: “Potentially, this project will generate insights and workflows which could impact and transform the way audits are performed, by leveraging data driven analytics tools and models.”

Picture caption: Pictured (l-r) are: Michael Tourville (Partner, Beever and Struthers), Professor Brian Nicholson and Dr Sung Hwan Chai (AMBS), and Dr George Salijeni (Aston Business School).